Project Spotlight: Stamped Pool Deck Coating in Mesa

Stamped Pool Deck Coating in Mesa

Stamped concrete pool decks have been a popular choice for many years, and we love them! Our team recently worked on a pool deck in Mesa, Arizona, that is a wonderful example of just how great an acrylic lace stamped pool deck can look, and how you can combine finishes to create a custom look that is unique to your backyard.

Let’s start with functionality! One of our favorite features of an acrylic lace pool deck is it’s functionality. The surface is easy to keep clean and to maintain, making it extremely durable. Also, the classic style means that it compliments most homes and landscaping styles.

Concrete pool decks come in many shapes and sizes; including natural, brushed, stamped, aggregate, exposed, and acrylic lace coatings. The acrylic lace coating is a popular addition to concrete for pool decks as it improves slip resistance, is decorative, is available in a wide range of colors, and can be installed with many texture and pattern options. Also, the coating can help keep the temperature of the pool deck surface down, which is an important factor in Arizona and other areas with high summer temperatures. Even better, the coating also protects the pool deck from strong UV rays and fading.

We particularly love this project because of the use of an acrylic stamp border to create a really custom look. The natural neutral tones of the acrylic lace pool deck are perfectly complemented and accented by grey acrylic stamp borders around the pool, and on the lower patio and steps.

The use of different colors and textures on this project accentuates the flexibility of acrylic lace as a decorative feature as well as a functional pool deck coating. When our customers work with our design team, the appearance of the pool deck is always an important factor. Acrylic really delivers, with so many color and texture and pattern options to choose from. Also, the ability to mix and match colors and designs in order to create an effect that not only catches your eye, but also creates a really unique one of a kind look that only your pool deck has.

If you would like to work with our design team to explore the many pool deck coating and decorative options out there, please reach out and our experienced team will be more than happy to talk about all things pool deck.