Project Spotlight: Silver Travertine Paver Pool Deck in Chandler

Silver Travertine Paver Pool Deck in ChandlerWhy use silver travertine pavers for your pool deck.

You may have already learned about travertine pavers right here on our website. You may have even read about a beautiful silver travertine paver pool deck we worked on in Phoenix, but you have never ever seen a project quite like this one!
The Imagine Architectural Concrete team recently completed a show stopping project at a residence in the Chandler, AZ.

From every angle our client considered the details, functionality, and appearance. From the luxurious silver grey travertine pavers, to the block fountain wall with black tile, to the inviting fire pit and bench, design and comfort walk hand in hand. The whole space has been designed and created to provide opportunities for relaxation, gathering, entertaining, and enjoying life.

The Imagine team worked on this project from start to finish, beginning with the installation of the silver grey travertine pavers for the pool deck. 

Pools with silver travertine pavers for the pool deck make an instant statement. The tones in the stone are multifaceted with greys, silver, beige, and other neutural tones combined to create a unique look on each paver. The richness of the silver tone creates an extremely attractive finish, that is perfect for a classic and luxurious look.

The pavers used on this project are made from natural stone, formed from deposits of natural minerals. They are strong and durable; perfect for withstanding the Arizona weather and elements. Another important feature of this natural stone is the non-skid surface.

Our team also worked on pouring the concrete slabs that appear around the pool area.  These are a really unique design feature that adds to the overall modern, show stopping look. Our team created the custom barbecue space, gas fire pit, and surrounding bench.

The magic of this project is how it all comes together in the end to create an incredible outdoor space, that adds instant value to this home. Looking to expand your living space into your backyard? Discuss your ideas with our designers and schedule a free consultation today!