Project Spotlight: Paradise Valley Marbella Paver Pool Deck

Paradise Valley Marbella Paver Pool Deck

Our Imagine Architectural Concrete team recently worked on this beautiful project in Paradise Valley, Arizona, using one of our favorite materials, marbella pavers.

The finished effect is stunning! Beautiful stone marbella pavers perfectly frame the curves of the pool and jacuzzi, sweeping round the entire pool deck area and patio. The client’s home is painted a gorgeous rich rust red, which helps the pale coloring of the marbella pavers shine. Overall, the look is luxurious and classic, adding style and value to the property.

Preparing the pool deck area

Working on a large area, such as this, requires impeccable preparation by our team. It is essential to ensure everything is considered for a successful project well before the first paver is placed. Drainage is particularly important to create a durable end product that will last for many years to come, with minimal maintenance required.

Why choose marbella pavers?

Marbella pavers are just that, pavers. Pavers are paving stones that can be made out of a wide variety of materials, including natural stones like marbella, tile, brick, of concrete. They are a great solution for covering exterior surfaces, and are a common choice for pool decks and patios. Marbella stone pavers are natural and definitely one of the more luxurious pool deck paver options. The marbella stone has a very elegant look. Every paver is unique, usually pale in coloring and a wide range of natural tones and flecks throughout.

Choosing the right pool deck for you

When our customers are considering what kind of a pool deck they would like for their own pool and backyard there are a number of factors they consider, including:
  • Effectiveness in the Arizona hea
  • Appearance and compatibility with the overall look of their home
  • Cost and value for money
  • Durability and maintenance required
  • Slip resistance
A checklist such as this can be really helpful when determining the best pool deck surface for you and your project. Perhaps marbella pavers will be your choice, or a customized sand-finished concrete, or a classic acrylic stamp design. Whatever pool deck you choose, our team of fully bonded and licensed professionals are ready to deliver exceptional results.