Project Spotlight: Marbella Stone Patio Remodel in Paradise Valley

Marbella Stone Patio Remodel in Paradise Valley

Marbella Stone Patio Remodel in Paradise Valley

Our team had the honor of working on a wonderful marbella stone patio recently in the Paradise Valley area of Arizona.

The scope of the project was large, with an extensive backyard area encompassing a pool, pool deck, grass, outdoor barbeque and kitchen, and a very large patio area.

Marbella Stone is a Gorgeous Natural Stone

The star of the show in this project is undoubtedly the marbella stone itself. From sunrise to sunset the gorgeous natural stone pavers set the design tone for the home and backyard and the pavers themselves undoubtedly enhance the already beautiful aesthetic of the home. Marbella stone is a wonderful choice for both pool decks and patios. The distinctive pale colored natural stone is luxurious, stylish and very functional. Marbella pavers are the coolest choice for your pool deck in the hot Arizona sun. They are also durable, long lasting, and easy to maintain. With neutral tones, the pavers compliment most styles of architecture and all styles of backyard and outdoor landscaping.

Marbella Stone is an Excellent Design Choice

The patio area on this project takes up a large area of the outdoor space of the home, and runs right up to the house. Again, marbella stone is the perfect choice, as it perfectly contrasts with the dark wood trim on the french doors and windows. As soon as you step out of this beautiful home you are met by a gorgeous patio that not only acts as the perfect entertaining space for family and friends, but also hosts a large barbeque and outdoor cooking area. Again the marbella pavers act as the perfect canvas for the rich dark tones of the outdoor kitchen cabinetry.

Some of our favorite design details on this project:

  • The use of marbella pavers on the walls that surround the patio area and seating area. This is a clever idea that creates design cohesion and a luxurious statement.
  • The patio is slightly elevated, with a step up from the grass area. This accentuates the beauty of the pavers even more, making the patio a real feature that stands out and catches your eye, rather than fading into the background.
  • Large torches have been placed throughout the backyard, and at night when these are lit up, the white and natural tones of the marbella pavers shine.

Expert Preparation and Installation

On a project like this it isn’t all about design. Preparation and installation are also extremely important, and a top priority for our team of experts. With a large patio area, particularly one that goes right up to the edge of the main house, drainage is always a concern. Our team has many years of experience in assessing the site and determining what might be needed to ensure that water will drain away from the foundation of the home. We are known for our attention to detail with a focus in water drainage. When we begin a project we always start with a drainage assessment and plan accordingly so the finished project is a successful installation that will last. If you are looking to upgrade your backyard into a beautiful outdoor entertaining space, give our team a call for a free consultation. We have over 20 years of experience with 21,000+ completed pool deck and patio projects in the Phoenix, Arizona area.