Project Spotlight: Chandler Marbella Paver Pool Deck

At Imagine Architectural Concrete we love that every project is different. Recently we worked on a backyard and pool deck that used marbella pavers in a really innovative way to create a luxurious backyard design. For many reasons, marbella pavers are becoming a very popular choice for creating a luxurious statement in pool decks and backyard hardscaping, and this project is a great example.

If you don’t know much about Marbella stone, here are a few things you should know.

• The stone itself is of very high quality and contains within it fossilized material. The material often includes shells which is why you will sometimes hear them referred to as marbella shell pavers.

• Marbella pavers are consistently a light beige tone in color, making it easy to replace individual pavers when needed, without a complete remodel.

• The pavers are also very dense in structure which helps to ensure their longevity, which make them a great choice for pool decks.

• With proper and professional sealing, the pavers are easily protected from water, and are slip-resistant.

• As this is a natural stone, marbella pavers don’t absorb as much heat as many other deck surfacing materials.

This recent project in Chandler, Arizona is a great example of what is possible with marbella pavers. Our client used the shape and consistent color tone of the marbella pavers to get a great design affect.

The pool deck itself is both stylish and functional. The light tones of the natural stone create a really striking affect, as the pavers follow the unique sweeping curves of the pool.

The angular shape of the pavers were used to their full effect with the creation of large paved squares placed throughout the grass area. These large paved squares are thoughtfully placed throughout the landscaped area of the client’s backyard and the green grass plays beautifully alongside the light tones of the stone, making the pavers really stand out to create an impressive design statement.

Overall, the use of marbella pavers on this project is a great choice; adding style, function and luxurious design elements. If you’re looking to upgrade your pool deck with marbella stone pavers, contact us today for a free design consultation.