Project Spotlight: Cave Creek Marbella Paver Pool Deck

The Imagine Architectural Concrete team are experienced in working with a wide range of materials when remodeling and installing pool decks across the Phoenix valley. As well as popular acrylic lace, various coatings, and of course concrete. Marbella stone pool deck pavers are a very popular choice because of their beautiful style and the amazing cool surface during our hot AZ summers. Attractive, functional, cool, and safe; marbella pool deck pavers are a great pool deck solution for many of our customers. The pavers are made of natural stone which can result in stunning installations that create a unique look, complimentary of the architecture and design of the home.

Marbella stone pavers are a good example of how the use of natural stone pavers in hardscaping and pool deck design can create a very stylish look that lasts. Marbella is a stunning natural stone from the Philippines with a soft cream white tone, and is flecked with coral, shells, and fossils. Pavers quarried from the same location carry a consistency in their coloration and tone; making it straightforward to switch out if damaged pavers if necessary. The most amazing property of this stone is that it doesn’t get hot, even during our hot summers.

Recently our team worked on a project in Cave Creek, Arizona. Marbella stone pavers were front and center in the pool deck design. Our customer selected three piece marbella pavers to install over an existing pool deck.

Ultimately the marbella stone pavers work perfectly on this large Cave Creek pool deck. The uniqueness of each paver is highlighted beautifully in the layout and the overall design; successfully emphasising the architecture and high-end styling of the home.

As an extension of the pool deck, a large planter area was added. The planter is a perfect example of how pavers can be used to create any kind of shape. The pavers circle the planter in an elegant pattern, edged by square coping stone. The warm colors
and tones of the coping stone compliment the cooler tones of the marbella stone; creating an extremely high quality finish.

Along with the pool deck and planter, our team also installed a new 2” Quaker drain between the pool deck and patio area and a 9” x 9” box drain to help with drainage.

When it comes to pool deck remodels and installations, our team is dedicated to creating a final product that not only looks incredible, but is also functional and built to last.

Looking to install marbella pavers around your swimming pool? Contact our pool deck experts with all of your questions and ideas on upgrading your backyard living space.