Project Spotlight: AZ Concrete Pool Deck & Driveway

We love working on all our projects, whether they be commercial, residential, a pool deck installation or a driveway remodel. Sometimes though, a project really stands out, not just because of the project itself but because of the location. 

A recent project in the east valley is a perfect example of a magnificent pool, pool deck, patio and driveway framed by a stunning show-stopping backdrop. When selecting materials and looking at the overall design on a project like this, it is essential to consider not only how to compliment the architecture of the home, but also how to maximize and leverage the beauty of the backdrop and the natural surroundings. This project was a real pleasure to work on. It was great to see how the design and materials selected by our client worked in perfect harmony with the natural desert surroundings to create something really special.

This beautiful luxurious home is located just outside of Phoenix. The home backs up to the stunning Superstition Mountains and includes a beautiful desert landscape; creating an outstanding backdrop for their large pool, pool deck, patio, and driveway that sweeps along the front of the home. The pool itself includes a number of upscale water features and fountains. The pool deck area surrounds the pool in all directions, covering a large space including a fire pit, and steps leading up to a large circular hot tub.

Our client selected a sand finish cement pool deck and patio. The process begins with preparing the surface, then pouring the perfect slab, and finishing off the concrete surface with an acid etched finishing technique. Finally the concrete is cured. The finished product is just as durable, slip resistant, and easy to maintain as a regular concrete finish. An acid finished concrete shows the salt and pepper in the cement and it’s in between a broom finish and an exposed aggregate finish.

Acid etched finished concrete creates a subtle and understated look. Two colors of acid etched cement were used on this project to create a timeless look that doesn’t upstage the desert surroundings, but rather compliments and emphasizes the natural beauty surrounding the property. A warm pinkish tone was used to edge the pool, clearly separating the pool area from the rest of the pool deck and their extensive patio.

This project also included pouring and installing a new concrete driveway on site. The client selected broom finished concrete. Our team worked carefully in sections to create a perfect pour from the main street all the way up-hill to the home. The wet surface is broomed by running a concrete horse hair broom along the surface right before it hardens, taking into consideration the slope of the concrete, and drainage needs.

Concrete is such a versatile material to work with that has many applications. Overall, this project is a great example of the fine art of concrete. The broom finished driveway shows just how versatile and durable the material can be, while the pool deck and use of acid etched cement shows how concrete can be used creatively to create high-end finishes. Ultimately it takes real skill and experience to install high quality concrete like this.

We always suggest hiring a licensed and bonded contractor if you are considering a concrete pool deck, patio, or driveway for your home. Contact our team today to discuss your upcoming concrete project.